Feeling Lazy. Oils on canvas. 40x50cm. Mayakovskaya, Moscow

Heavy snow fall on Ul. Krasina. Oils on canvas. 50x30cm. December 2023

Academicheskaya. Oil on Canvas. 100×100. Moscow, 2012

Ice Cream. Oils on canvas. 70x90cm, Moscow, February 2022.

On Pushkinskaya, oils on canvas, 60x80cm, 2012

Krimsky Val. Oil on Canvas. 60 x 80 cm. Moscow 2012

Volgogradsy Shosse. 60x100cm. Oils on canvas, 2012.

Moscow City Wheel, oils on canvas, 70x100cm, 2012.

Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky Lane. Oils on canvas. 50x70cv. 2011.

St. Andrew’s Church, Moscow. Oil on canvas, 40x30cm, June 2023.
This painting was commissioned by the British Business Club in Moscow and presented to Father Malcolm Rogers and his wife Alison on the occasion of their leaving Moscow after 6 years serving in Moscow.

Drawings, winter 2022/23

Marina coming home from work. Oils on canvas. 70x100cm. Moscow 10.21.

Sokol fire station, oils on canvas, 70x100cm, 2012

Remembrance Day, November 14, 2021 at St. Andrews Moscow. 100x70cm, oils on canvas. January 2022.

Irish music jam session at Silvers, pencil on paper. Jan 2022.

Gertrude. 50x50cm. Oils on canvas, Moscow Zoo. October 2021.

Sketches, pastels on paper, Moscow Zoo October 2021.

Ulitsa Krasina, 50 x 50cm, oils on canvas, October 2021.

Ulitsa Krasina, 70 x 50cm, oils on canvas, May 2021, Moscow.

Patriarshy Prudi 60x70cm. Oil on canvas, September 2019.

The Bark. Oils on canvas. Efanova, Russia. 50x100cm. April 2021

Borovsk, river Protva, pen and ink. 2009.

House at Yefanova. 23x35cm. Pastels on paper. 2017. Sold to Peter Konchalevsky.

Drawings from the roof of St. Andrew’s Church in Moscow. September 2021.

Covid drawings, 2020

Smolenskoe Metro, Moscow, Oils on canvas, 40x60cm, July 2020.jpg

Sadovaya Kudrinskaya 21. Oils on hardboard. 60x50cm. 2017

Kitai Gorod. 40x50cm. Oils on canvas. 2016. Moscow.

Patriarshy Prudy. 50x90cm. Oils on canvas. Moscow. 2018.

The Ascension Church from the Gorky Museum. 50x70cv. Oils on Canvas, 2004. Given to Natalia Poletaeva 12/23.

Plos 2018

Teply Stan. Charcoal on paper. A1. Moscow 1983.