I was born in London in 1954 and brought up in Wimbledon.  I went to art school when I was 16 and survived as a painter in London for a few years.  I became interested in Chinese and Russian art, and that inspired me to visit those countries. To achieve that goal, I studied the languages, which led me to a degree and scholarships to study in both countries at a time (1982-4) when few foreigners from the west were able to travel to those distant (then) worlds.

What I saw fascinated me. I fell in love with Russia and to a lesser extent China. I ended up living some 35 years in Russia and 6 in China. To earn money I learnt to do many things from teaching to translating to design.  However I carried on painting all the way through. Although I was never clever enough to paint to sell, I held a number of exhibitions in both countries.  What you see on this site is a selection of paintings and drawings primarily from Russia.

I now live half the year in Scotland and half the year in Russia, and exhibit, paint and sell in both countries.  

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Thank you for reading this

John Harrison 28.6.23